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DOOA Jungle Soil

DOOA Jungle Soil

SKU: 157-003
PriceFrom €7.90

Immerse your paludarium plants in a lush and nutrient-rich environment. Jungle Soil is a specially crafted substrate that combines the goodness of natural black soil with beneficial microorganisms, designed to bring out the best in your plants.

  • Imagine a substrate that not only supports but enriches the life of your paludarium plants. That's precisely what DOOA's Jungle Soil offers. Perfectly balanced for the aquatic terrarium ecosystem, this substrate is a blend of earthy richness and active components aimed at supporting vigorous plant growth.

    Derived from natural black soil, Jungle Soil captures the essence of a fertile forest floor. The addition of anthracite powder enhances the soil's texture, providing plants with an excellent medium for root growth. But what truly sets it apart is its infusion with active soil microorganisms. These beneficial entities promote plant health, ensuring they thrive and spread their roots well.

    While Jungle Soil is potent on its own, its synergy with DOOA Jungle Base takes its efficiency a notch higher. When used in tandem, the coarser Jungle Base provides an optimal foundational layer, with Jungle Soil acting as the nourishing top layer, preventing unsightly layering and delivering a seamless look.

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