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DOOA Jungle Base

DOOA Jungle Base

SKU: 157-002
PriceFrom €4.90

The foundation of every thriving paludarium, Jungle Base is meticulously engineered to enhance plant health by ensuring breathability and preventing root rot. Imbued with the benefits of pumice stone, charcoal powder, and beneficial microorganisms, it's the key to a flourishing ecosystem.

  • Dive into the intricacies of a well-curated aquatic terrarium with DOOA's Jungle Base. This substrate, specifically tailored for paludariums and aquaterrariums, lays the groundwork for a healthy ecosystem, ensuring plants grow robustly and with vigor.

    At its core, Jungle Base comprises pumice stone. This natural element promotes efficient drainage, making sure water doesn't stagnate. The incorporation of charcoal powder is a masterstroke—it not only aids in maintaining substrate breathability but also combats root rot, a common malaise that affects aquatic plants. And to further boost plant health, Jungle Base also embraces beneficial soil bacteria, fortifying the soil with essential nutrients and making it receptive to plant growth.

    But the magic of Jungle Base truly shines when paired with Jungle Soil. While Jungle Base lays a solid foundation, Jungle Soil enriches the top layer, ensuring that your paludarium plants are surrounded by the best of both worlds.

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