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SKU: 151-302

A beautifully designed glass container, perfect for cultivating humidity-loving plants, boasting a unique water-drip feature for an added touch of nature.

  • The GLASS POT SHIZUKU is not just a container; it's an artistic statement, echoing the serenity and beauty of nature. Carved with a graceful roundish design, it stands out as an emblem of sophistication in any setting.

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this container is uniquely designed to cultivate plants that relish in humidity-rich environments. Thoughtfully placed holes on both the side and lid ensure that the inside maintains the right moisture level, mimicking the ambience of a tropical haven. But what truly sets the SHIZUKU apart is its innovative water-drip feature. Fill the lid with water, and watch as droplets form and fall in a rhythmic, calming manner, reminiscent of gentle rain in a tranquil forest.

    Maintenance is a breeze. To ensure a healthy environment for your plants, excess water can be easily drained using the System Paluda Drainage piece. This ensures that while humidity is maintained, the risk of overwatering and root rot is minimized.

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