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DOOA Glass Pot MARU 95

DOOA Glass Pot MARU 95

SKU: 151-303

A versatile and elegant glass pot with a matching lid, perfect for both accessory storage and housing your favorite petite plants.

  • The GLASS POT MARU 95, with its simple yet graceful design, brings a touch of sophistication to any space. Crafted meticulously from high-quality glass, it stands as a testament to DOOA's commitment to creating products that not only serve a purpose but also aesthetically enhance our surroundings.

    Its clear design ensures that you can display whatever resides within in full splendor, be it vibrant plants or cherished trinkets. Its size of Ø95×H146 makes it compact, yet spacious enough to house a variety of contents. The inclusion of a snug-fitting glass lid ensures that whatever you choose to house within stays protected, be it from dust or external elements.

    For the plant enthusiasts among us, the MARU 95 can be turned into a mini greenhouse or terrarium, ideal for succulents, mosses, or even tiny ferns. Its transparency allows for ample light penetration, ensuring healthy growth. If plants aren’t your preference, this pot also doubles as a chic accessory case, perfect for holding jewelry, keepsakes, or other precious items.

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