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DOOA Essential Oil

DOOA Essential Oil

SKU: 153-030

Immerse yourself in the serene forests of Japan with DOOA Essential Oils. Derived purely from trees in Niigata, these oils, available in Rain Forest (2 ml) and Kuromoji (1 ml) scents, offer an unparalleled olfactory journey, capturing nature's essence in each drop.

  • Every whiff of DOOA's Essential Oils is a step into the pristine forests of Niigata. Crafted specifically for the DOOA Wood Base SHIZUKU, these oils encapsulate the raw and authentic scents of nature.

    With meticulous production, 1kg of plants is distilled to extract the potent aroma found in each ml of these oils. From careful procurement to artisanal distillation and bottling, the integrity of the aroma remains paramount.

    These oils come housed in an exquisite wooden case, made from sustainably thinned cedar trees of Niigata, epitomizing nature's touch in every aspect.

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