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DOOA Different-diameter pipe (_13/_10)

DOOA Different-diameter pipe (_13/_10)

SKU: 152-304

Precision engineered for versatility, the Different-Diameter Pipe offers a seamless solution to adapting your aquatic setup. Crafted from clear, high-quality acrylic, this piece elegantly ensures compatibility between hoses of varying sizes while maintaining the aesthetics of your aquascape.

  • Navigating through the intricacies of aquascaping setups just became effortless. The Different-Diameter Pipe is meticulously crafted to bridge the gap between varying hose sizes. Whether transitioning from 10 mm to 13 mm or vice versa, this acrylic piece guarantees a snug fit and a streamlined appearance. Echoing the clear waters of your setup, its almost glass-like appearance ensures an undisturbed view, allowing your aquatic masterpiece to remain the focus.

    • Seamless Transition: Provides an efficient connection between hoses of 10 mm and 13 mm diameters.
    • Elevated Craftsmanship: Precision-engineered for longevity and a perfect fit.
    • Crystal-Clear Aesthetics: Its transparent acrylic construction merges effortlessly with the surrounding environment, maintaining the visual appeal of your aquascape.
    • Premium Material: Fashioned from high-grade acrylic, ensuring durability and an unblemished appearance.
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