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DOOA CO2 System Kit

DOOA CO2 System Kit

SKU: 154-101

Elevate your aquascaping experience with DOOA's CO2 SYSTEM KIT. A comprehensive CO2 injection system designed to enhance plant growth and add a touch of the forest to your aquascape. Perfectly tailored for aquariums up to 80 liters and under 60cm in width.

  • Immerse yourself in the lush and vibrant world of aquatic plant care, powered by DOOA's CO2 SYSTEM KIT. A harmonious blend of functionality and quality, this kit ensures optimal carbon fertilization for your aquatic plants. As your green haven thrives, it will need an adequate carbon source to sustain its vibrancy. This kit not only offers precision CO2 injection but also brings the aromatic essence of the forest right to your aquarium.

    From the 74g Forest Bottle filled with pressurized CO2 exuding a forest fragrance, to the meticulously crafted Glass Diffusor with its high-quality ceramic membrane combined with a ball counter, every component is engineered for excellence. The inclusion of a CO2 regulator, Metal Hook, pressure-resistant and silicone tubes, along with other essential tools, guarantees a holistic care system for your aquascape.

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