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DOOA CO2 Mini Diffuser J

DOOA CO2 Mini Diffuser J

SKU: 154-204

Elevate your aquascaping with the hanging CO2 Mini Diffuser J by DOOA. Crafted for small uncovered aquariums, it ensures optimal plant growth and seamlessly merges with your aquatic setup.

  • The beauty of an aquarium is often in its minimalism. Recognizing the value of aesthetics combined with utility, the CO2 Mini Diffuser J by DOOA is a masterclass in subtle, efficient design. Ideally suited for smaller uncovered aquariums, this diffuser provides the essential CO2 vital for thriving aquatic plants, a cornerstone for flourishing aquascapes.

    The diffuser's glass design ensures a seamless integration into the aquarium environment. The CO2 bubbles are finely atomized by the included membrane, ensuring maximum solubility in water, vital for optimal plant health. What sets the Mini Diffuser J apart is its unique hanging attachment, eliminating the need for visible suction cups and preserving the purity of the aquarium's appearance.

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