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DOOA CO2 Mini Diffuser

DOOA CO2 Mini Diffuser

SKU: 154-202
PriceFrom €32.90

An elegantly designed, glass-made CO2 Mini Diffuser by DOOA, ideal for smaller aquariums. Available in two sizes, it ensures effective CO2 atomizing for flourishing aquatic plants, blending seamlessly into your aquascape.

  • Balancing aesthetics with functionality can be a challenge, especially in smaller aquarium setups. The CO2 Mini Diffuser by DOOA offers an exquisite solution for the delicate task of supplying vital CO2 to plant-centric aquariums, ensuring robust plant growth without compromising the overall look.

    The atomization of CO2 bubbles is essential for their efficient absorption in the water. This process is expertly facilitated by the membrane of the CO2 Mini Diffuser. The diffusion quality combined with its unobtrusive glass design makes it a favorite, especially for those keen on preserving the natural appearance of their aquascapes.

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