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DOOA CO2 Count Diffuser

DOOA CO2 Count Diffuser

SKU: 154-201

The CO2 Count Diffuser is an innovative all-in-one solution, seamlessly merging a CO2 diffuser and bubble counter. This glass-made instrument is perfect for aquariums between 45 to 60 cm in length, ensuring optimal CO2 diffusion and accurate monitoring.

  • The art and science of maintaining a thriving aquascape lie in balancing every factor. Essential to this balance is the CO2 Count Diffuser by DOOA. It delivers the pivotal plant nutrient, CO2, ensuring that aquatic plants flourish in the aquarium.

    For effective CO2 absorption in water, atomizing the CO2 bubbles is crucial. The CO2 Count Diffuser achieves this with its included membrane, ensuring the finest diffusion. Monitoring and adjusting CO2 input is pivotal to maintain the harmony of the aquatic environment. Typically, this requires a separate bubble counter. With the CO2 Count Diffuser, these two pivotal functions converge in one elegantly crafted glass instrument, providing both functionality and aesthetics.

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