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DOOA Aqua Scissors

DOOA Aqua Scissors

SKU: 156-001
PriceFrom €37.90

Elevate your aquascaping with DOOA Aqua Scissors - precision-designed for efficient plant maintenance. Crafted from stainless steel, their curved design ensures swift, neat trims, transforming plant care into an art.

  • Every aquascaper, from novice to expert, appreciates the blend of efficiency and precision in their tools. The DOOA Aqua Scissors perfectly encapsulate this ideal. Tailored for trimming plants both pre and post-planting, these scissors are the perfect blend of design and functionality.

    The lengthened cutting surface combined with its curved design offers a unique advantage. When plants extend to touch the water's surface, a swift, clean trim becomes essential. Not only do these scissors facilitate this with ease, but their design also allows for trimming multiple plants simultaneously. This greatly reduces the time spent on aquarium maintenance, letting you savor the beauty of your aquascape even more.

    Comfort hasn’t been overlooked. Regardless of the aquarium's size, the scissors' ergonomic design ensures they fit comfortably in your hand, making every trim an effortless endeavor.

    Adding a touch of elegance, the DOOA logo is subtly etched onto the scissors, a hallmark of quality and sophistication.

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