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DOOA Aqua Clean AC-Filter Material

DOOA Aqua Clean AC-Filter Material

SKU: 152-314

Dive into a world of crystalline clarity with AQUA CLEAN AC. Engineered by ADA, this high-quality filter medium combines activated carbon and alumina to ensure your water remains pristine and free from impurities. A clear choice for clear water.

  • Presenting AQUA CLEAN AC - A Symphony of Purity by ADA.

    In nature, clarity and purity are a testament to a balanced ecosystem. Recreate that balance in your personal space with AQUA CLEAN AC. Exclusively designed by ADA for the DOOA System TERRA 30 and AQUA 30, this filter media aims to emulate nature’s perfection.

    Bags packed with high-performance activated carbon and active aluminum compounds work diligently to strip the water of yellowing, organic matter, and phosphates. The result? A radiant water body less prone to algal blooms, more welcoming to aquatic life, and an absolute treat for the eyes.

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