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CO2 Pollen Glass Mini

CO2 Pollen Glass Mini

SKU: 102-1012

Experience seamless CO2 diffusion for your smaller aquariums with the Pollen Glass Mini. Specifically crafted for aquariums with a glass thickness of less than 5mm, its innovative design allows for a direct set-up without the need for suction cups.

  • Elevate your mini-aquascaping experience with the Pollen Glass Mini. Tailored to meet the unique needs of smaller aquariums, this diffuser exemplifies precision and functionality, ensuring that your aquatic plants receive the right amount of CO2 to thrive and flourish.

    Built upon the reliable foundation set by the original Pollen Glass, the Mini variant integrates a design which can be directly set to the tank. Bypassing the need for suction cups ensures a sleeker, more integrated appearance and an even simpler installation process.

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