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CO2 Pollen Glass Beetle

CO2 Pollen Glass Beetle

SKU: 102-103
PriceFrom €109.90

Introducing Pollen Glass Beetle: A uniquely designed CO2 diffuser that marries wider diffusion capability with strategic placement. Elegantly perched on the inside corners of your aquarium, the Beetle enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your aquatic environment.

  • Venture into a new dimension of aquatic plant care with the Pollen Glass Beetle. Drawing from the core principles of the original Pollen Glass, the Beetle boasts a wider diffusion filter, enhancing CO2 distribution throughout larger tanks.

    Designed to nestle in the inner corners of your aquarium, the Beetle not only ensures optimal CO2 diffusion but also adds a sophisticated touch to your aquascape. For those with expansive tanks, multiple Beetles can be situated on several corners to guarantee an even CO2 distribution.

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