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Clear Hose

Clear Hose

SKU: 105-302
PriceFrom €14.90

The Clear Hose Series is your solution for a seamless aquatic presentation. This transparent hose connects your filter to the Lily Pipe or Metal Pipe, offering a clean, unobtrusive look that emphasizes the beauty of your Nature Aquarium.

  • In the world of aquascaping, every element matters. Even the smallest details can make or break the aesthetic you're aiming for. Enter the Clear Hose Series - a range of transparent hoses designed to blend effortlessly into the background of your Nature Aquarium, ensuring all eyes are on the vibrant life and natural beauty within.

    This series isn't just about looking good. It's also about function. Whether you're connecting to a Lily Pipe or a Metal Pipe, these hoses are crafted to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of water between your filter and its outlet. Made with precision and care, the hoses are durable, ensuring they remain clear and free from clouding over time.

    The Japanese style of aquascaping emphasizes purity, clarity, and balance. With the Clear Hose Series, you have an accessory that adheres to these principles, ensuring every inch of your aquarium contributes to an overall sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

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