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Bottom Release

Bottom Release

SKU: 104-100

Elevate your plant care with Bottom Release, an innovative tool tailored for seamless insertion of Bottom Plus into the substrate. Optimized for deep fertilization, it ensures roots get the essential nourishment they crave.

  • Understanding the delicate needs of aquatic plants, Bottom Release is the conduit between effective fertilization and vibrant aquatic plant life. Designed for meticulous care, it is a must-have for any aquascaping enthusiast.


    Effortless Insertion: No more fumbling with your fingers or makeshift tools. The Bottom Release is crafted for a hassle-free experience, allowing you to place Bottom Plus in the substrate with unparalleled ease.


    Deep and Effective: To truly nourish plant roots, it's not just about adding fertilizer – it's about how you do it. With the Bottom Release, you can insert fertilizer deep into the substrate, ensuring the roots absorb the nutrients more effectively.


    Ergonomic Excellence: The tool's design prioritizes user comfort, ensuring that even extended maintenance sessions are strain-free.


    Sustainable and Quality-Centric: True to ADA's commitment, Bottom Release is produced with the highest quality standards, ensuring longevity and minimizing environmental impact.

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