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Bottom Plus

Bottom Plus

SKU: 104-105

A nutrient-rich, solid addition to your aquarium substrate, specifically designed to boost the vibrant leaf color of aquatic plants. Each pack contains 25 easy-to-use sticks, enhancing the overall health and vibrancy of your aquatic environment.

  • Immerse your aquatic plants in a world of comprehensive nutrition with Bottom Plus. Crafted to rejuvenate long-kept substrates, these sticks offer a potent mix of nitrogen and iron, elements often found lacking in older substrate systems. Derived from the same natural soil that makes the renowned Aqua Soil, Bottom Plus ensures seamless integration into your aquarium without leaving any residue.

    Root-nourishing plants like Echinodorus, Cryptocoryne, and Glossostigma thrive on a robust substrate system, absorbing nutrients prolifically from their root network. With time, traditional substrates may run low on essential nutrients. Bottom Plus, while resonating with the same ingredients as the Aqua Soil series, is further fortified with enhanced Nitrogen and Iron, ensuring that your substrate remains rich and productive, even as it ages.

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