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Bamboo Charcoal (1L)

Bamboo Charcoal (1L)

SKU: 105-011

Discover Bamboo Charcoal, a uniquely effective absorption-filtration media crafted from refined bamboo-charcoal absorbent. Designed for longevity and exceptional performance in biological filtration.

  • Bamboo Charcoal is not your average filtration media; it's an enduring solution for your aquarium's needs. Crafted from highly refined bamboo-charcoal absorbent, its structural integrity and porous nature set it apart from conventional charcoals. The product initially serves as an extraordinary absorption agent, removing impurities and contaminants from your aquatic environment. Even after its absorption capacities have been maxed out, Bamboo Charcoal transitions seamlessly into a biological filtration media, continuing to promote a healthy aquarium for an extended period of time.

    When it comes to using bamboo charcoal as filter media, the benefits are multi-fold. Unlike traditional charcoal, bamboo charcoal has smaller pores and a larger surface area, which allow for better adsorption of impurities. Moreover, bamboo is a sustainable resource, making this a greener option for conscientious aquarists.

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