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Aqua Gravel

Aqua Gravel

SKU: 106-501
PriceFrom €8.90

Aqua Gravel: Natural river gravels, tailored for aquatic elegance without altering water hardness. Available in both 2Kg and 8Kg packages, it's the perfect foundation for any aquatic setting.

  • Introducing Aqua Gravel, the embodiment of nature's timeless elegance in every aquarium. Aqua Gravel boasts of its naturally sculpted beauty, offering an aesthetic that resonates with nature's artistry. Beyond just aesthetics, Aqua Gravel is conscientiously curated to ensure it maintains the delicate balance of your aquarium's water, never raising its hardness. Whether laying the foundation for your aquatic paradise or adding nuanced elevations, Aqua Gravel offers versatility in design while upholding the pristine conditions essential for aquatic life.

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