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Aqua Conditioner Vita-Mix (200 ml)

Aqua Conditioner Vita-Mix (200 ml)

SKU: 103-053
PriceFrom €11.90

Elevate the well-being of your aquatic life with Vitamix. This vitamin-enriched supplement not only eases the stress of fish and shrimp but also enhances the efficacy of beneficial bacteria in your aquatic environment.

  • Fish, just like any living beings, can feel stressed when placed in a new environment. This stress can impact their health negatively and also affect the entire ecosystem of the aquarium. Vitamix Aqua Conditioner is your go-to supplement for creating a stress-free world for your aquatic friends. Designed to emulate the qualities of natural river water, Vitamix is fortified with various vitamins to improve the health conditions of your fish and shrimp.

    In addition, this powerhouse of nutrients also activates the functions of beneficial bacteria, creating a well-balanced and thriving ecosystem. It's like bringing a slice of nature into your living space, offering both peace and vitality for your aquatic community.

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