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Aqua Conditioner Soft Water (200 ml)

Aqua Conditioner Soft Water (200 ml)

SKU: 103-055
PriceFrom €11.90

Elevate your freshwater aquarium experience with SOFT WATER, the ideal solution for balancing the pH levels of your aquatic habitat. Specifically designed for tropical fish and plants, this conditioner transitions alkaline water to a mildly acidic environment.

  • The water's pH and carbonate hardness (KH) can have a profound effect on the well-being of your aquatic plants and fish. While tap water tends to lean toward mild alkalinity, many tropical fish and aquatic plants thrive in mildly acidic conditions. Enter SOFT WATER, your Aqua Conditioner that fine-tunes tap water, lowering its pH and KH levels to create a suitable environment for your beloved aquatic life.

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