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Aqua Conditioner Chlor-Off

Aqua Conditioner Chlor-Off

SKU: 103-051
PriceFrom €9.90

Turn tap water into a safe haven for your aquatic life with Chlor-Off. This chlorine neutralizer removes harmful residual chlorine and heavy metals, making every water change a breeze.

  • Tap water, especially during the winter, can be a minefield of chlorine and heavy metals for your aquatic world. Chlor-Off Aqua Conditioner acts as a guardian for your aquatic life, neutralizing chlorine and heavy metals in tap water. This specialized formula ensures that the gills of your tropical fish won't be irritated, and it safeguards the invaluable nitrifying bacteria in your filter and substrate. By doing so, Chlor-Off significantly reduces the risk of algae blooms and health complications for your fish.

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