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ADA Aquasky RGB II 60: Revolutionising Aquarium Lighting

Updated: May 15

The ADA Aquasky RGB II 60 elevates the standard for aquarium lighting with a suite of smart features designed for optimal plant growth and visual appeal. This next-generation lighting system marries function with design, showcasing advancements that cater to both the health of aquatic plants and the aesthetic demands of aquascaping enthusiasts.


Smart Operation with ADA Controller

One of the standout features of the Aquasky RGB II 60 is its compatibility with the ADA Controller app, enabling users to adjust lighting settings directly from their smartphones. This ease of use extends to color and brightness adjustments, timer settings, and the activation of preset modes, ensuring a customizable and user-friendly experience​​​.

Enhanced Lighting Performance

The Aquasky RGB II 60 boasts an updated array of RGB LED chips, providing lighting that is approximately 1.7 times brighter than its predecessor, reaching up to 40,000 Lux. This significant improvement not only promotes the growth of aquatic plants but also vividly enhances their natural colors, contributing to a more vibrant and dynamic aquascape​.

ADA AQUASKY RGB II on aquarium

Refined Design and Functionality

The system's design has been refined to be thinner and lighter, emphasizing the aquarium's visual appeal without sacrificing functionality. It features a Mineral Gray color that harmonizes with various setups and equipment, offering a sleek and cohesive look. The device is adaptable to different glass thicknesses, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of aquarium sizes​​​.

ADA AQUASKY RGB II silver and titanium options
ADA AQUASKY RGB II silver and titanium

Soft Lighting and Original Presets

A newly implemented Soft Lighting function allows for the gradual turning on and off of lights, creating a more natural lighting transition that is less stressful for aquatic life. Additionally, the Aquasky RGB II 60 comes with ADA original presets, including modes designed to mimic natural sunlight, moonlight, and the subdued light of a paludarium, catering to the specific needs of different plants and aquascape themes​​​.

ADA AQUASKY RGB II Presets on aquariums

Designed with Photography in Mind

Recognizing the community's interest in sharing their aquascapes, ADA has ensured that the Aquasky RGB II 60's lighting is flicker-free, making it ideal for photography and videography. This feature allows hobbyists to capture and share the true beauty of their aquatic creations without the interference of lighting artifacts​.

ADA AQUASKY RGB II Spectrum graph

Versatility and Specifications

The lighting system is versatile, fitting tanks of various glass thicknesses as long as they are 60cm in width. It operates within a temperature range of 0 to 35℃ and has a LED lifespan of over 30,000 hours, ensuring long-term performance. The device's rated power is 108W, with power consumption varying between 0 to 66W, and it offers an illuminance range of 0 to 40,000 Lux, adjustable to the needs of the aquarium​​​.

In conclusion, the ADA Aquasky RGB II 60 is not just a lighting system but a comprehensive solution for enhancing the health and aesthetics of aquatic plants and aquascapes. Its smart features, combined with its sleek design and superior performance, make it a top choice for hobbyists looking to create and maintain beautiful, thriving underwater environments.

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