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Woodbase Board

Woodbase Board

SKU: 108-626

The Woodbase Board, tailored for the Cube Cabinet, offers added stability and safety. Available for different tank sizes and designed for use with the Cube Cabinet, it ensures your aquarium rests on a reliable and stylish base.

  • To achieve the best from your Cube Cabinet and the captivating world it houses, it's imperative to ensure a solid foundation. That's where the Woodbase Board comes into play. Specifically designed to complement the Cube Cabinet, this board not only accentuates the overall aesthetics but also provides the much-needed stability to your setup.

    Crafted to precision, the Woodbase Board ensures that your Cube Cabinet stands firm, adding an extra layer of protection to your aquatic setup. For larger 60cm tanks, ADA offers varied choices. Opt for the single bottom Woodbase Board when using AQUASKY, or choose the set of top and bottom Woodbase Boards specifically designed for the installation of Solar I or Solar II.

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