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Spring Washer

Spring Washer

SKU: 102-926

A cutting-edge glass washing brush with a flexible wire design, ensuring pristine cleaning even for intricate items like the New Lily Pipe.

  • Discover the next evolution in glassware maintenance with the Spring Washer. With its groundbreaking flexible wire and meticulously designed brush, the Spring Washer promises an unrivaled cleaning experience, effortlessly reaching every curve and crevice of your delicate glass items.

    Designed with precision, the Spring Washer is not just another brush; it's a testament to innovation. The coil-like flexible wire adapts to the contours of your glassware, ensuring no spot is left untouched. Coupled with the meticulously crafted brush that fits seamlessly into pipes, cleaning even the most intricate items like the New Lily Pipe becomes a breeze.

    Whether you're just setting up your first aquarium or are a seasoned aquascaping professional, the Spring Washer is an indispensable tool in your maintenance arsenal, guaranteeing clarity and cleanliness in every sweep.

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