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System Paluda Drainage Piece

System Paluda Drainage Piece

SKU: 151-430

Introducing a solution to efficiently manage excess water in your paludarium or Wabi-Kusa pots. The DOOA System Paluda Drainage Piece provides an effective drainage method, keeping your aquatic environment balanced and healthy.

  • Efficient water management is paramount in maintaining the perfect balance within a paludarium or Wabi-Kusa pot. The DOOA System Paluda Drainage Piece is meticulously designed to ensure your plants and aquatic life remain in an environment free from waterlogging.

    This piece seamlessly integrates into the bottom of the System Paluda or the Glass Pot SHIZUKU. Once embedded into the substrate, it discreetly stands guard, ready to siphon off any excess water. When the need arises, simply attach a separately sold silicone tube with a 6mm outer diameter, and watch as the excess water is efficiently drained away.

    An elegant, simple, and efficient solution, this drainage piece epitomizes the ethos of DOOA – combining art with practicality.

    • Efficient Draining: Quickly siphons away any surplus water, preventing waterlogging.
    • Seamless Integration: Designed to perfectly fit and function within the System Paluda or DOOA Glass Pot SHIZUKU.
    • User-Friendly: Simple setup process – just embed in the substrate and connect to a silicone tube when required.
    • Compact Design: With its sleek dimensions, the drainage piece is unobtrusive and effective.
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