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Pro Razor

Pro Razor

SKU: 106-079
PriceFrom €4.90

Unveil the clarity of your aquatic world with Pro Razor, a premium scraper designed for precision algae removal. Available in regular and mini sizes, and adaptable with an extender for larger tanks, ensuring every corner gleams.

  • Maintain the immaculate beauty of your aquatic space with the Pro Razor, an expertly crafted tool to combat the persistent menace of algae on glass surfaces.


    Precision Algae Removal: The razor-sharp blade effortlessly glides over the glass, removing even the most stubborn algae, granting your aquarium the clarity it deserves.


    Adaptable and Versatile: Whether you're tending to a grand aquatic display or a smaller, intimate setup, the Pro Razor comes in both standard and mini sizes. Plus, with the optional Extender, you can easily reach the farther corners of larger tanks.


    Safety and Convenience: Changing the blade is a breeze, ensuring you always have the sharpest tool at your disposal. Furthermore, the ergonomic design minimizes risk while maximizing comfort during use.


    Environmentally Conscious: Aligning with ADA's commitment, Pro Razor is designed with sustainability in mind. By offering replaceable blades, we reduce the need for entirely new products and minimize waste.

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