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Pro-Pinsettes Grip

Pro-Pinsettes Grip

SKU: 106-065

Ergonomically designed pinsettes tailored for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus. With a wider and thicker tip, these pinsettes ensure a firm grip on plant stems, ensuring ease and precision in aquascaping.

  • The Pro-Pinsettes Grip Type series represents the pinnacle of precision and control for aquascaping enthusiasts. Specifically crafted for plants like Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus, these pinsettes are differentiated by their enhanced tip design – wider and more robust than standard pinsettes. This unique design ensures that even the most delicate or hard-to-grasp stems are held firmly without damage, allowing for efficient planting and repositioning. Made to cater to varying plant sizes and aquarium dimensions, they are available in different lengths. Every Pro-Pinsettes Grip Type is a testament to ADA’s commitment to marrying functionality with sustainable and quality craftsmanship.

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