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Pro Picker

Pro Picker

SKU: 106-082

The Pro Picker, an elite aquascaping tool, specializes in meticulously clearing algae from driftwood and stones. Its precision design ensures even the most stubborn black beard algae doesn't stand a chance.

  • Elevate the clarity and cleanliness of your aquatic habitat with the Pro Picker. Engineered for excellence, it is the perfect companion for any aquascaper dealing with those persistent algae dilemmas.


    Precision Performance: With its distinct design, the Pro Picker targets algae spots that other tools simply can't reach. From the intricate ends of driftwood to unique stone formations, achieve an unparalleled level of cleanliness.

    Effortless Algae Removal: Bid goodbye to the notoriously difficult black beard algae. The Pro Picker's prowess ensures algae is removed effortlessly, without damaging the aesthetic of your layout materials.


    Built to Last: Reflecting ADA's commitment to quality and sustainability, the Pro Picker is designed for durability, promising consistent performance through countless aquascaping sessions.

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