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Metal Pipe Flow

Metal Pipe Flow


The Metal Pipe Flow Series introduces a blend of functionality and aesthetics, with movable nozzles and easy maintenance features. Their sleek metallic design adds a contemporary touch to Nature Aquariums.

  • Elevate the aesthetic of your Nature Aquarium with the Metal Pipe Flow Series. A modern twist on aquarium equipment, these pipes seamlessly integrate into any setup, offering a blend of utility and style.

    The Metal Pipe Flow P-1 is an outflow masterpiece. Its signature feature is the movable nozzle, which can be adjusted both left and right. This adjustability allows you to create water flows that harmonize with your aquarium's layout, ensuring that every plant and creature receives adequate circulation.

    On the inflow side, the Metal Pipe Flow V-1 and V-2 come with a removable end cap. This design consideration makes maintenance a breeze. No more struggling with hard-to-reach areas; simply remove the end cap for easy access.

    But the utility of these pipes is not their only asset. Their sharp, metallic design ensures they stand out, making a statement in Nature Aquariums. This unique combination of design and functionality ensures your aquarium remains a living piece of art.

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