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Metal Cabinet

Metal Cabinet

SKU: 108-515

Unveiling the Metal Cabinet 60 in Silver and Black: a chic and sturdy cabinet, ideal for showcasing your aquatic world. Crafted with precision, its unique design ensures strength while embracing elegance.

  • The Metal Cabinet 60, available in both Silver and Black, is more than just a cabinet; it's an artistic statement that complements the aesthetics of your aquascapes. At first glance, the sleek panels of steel might seem delicate, but don't let the slim appearance deceive you. This cabinet is meticulously engineered with a distinctive structure wherein the front and back panels fold inwards diagonally, ensuring robustness and stability. Designed to comfortably hold a W60 aquarium tank, this piece stands testament to the perfect harmony of form and function.

    Functionality merges with style as the open sides of the cabinet provide convenient storage for essential aquarium equipment such as filters and CO2 systems. Plus, the strategically placed hole (Ø50mm) on the back ensures neat and hassle-free wiring, allowing the beauty of your aquascape to shine through without distractions.

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