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DOOA Stream Pipe ORB

DOOA Stream Pipe ORB

SKU: 155-001
PriceFrom €49.90

Experience the calming allure of nature with the DOOA Stream Pipe ORB. Crafted from pristine quality glass, it mirrors the gentle flow of spring water, rejuvenating your aquatic sanctuary.

  • The DOOA Stream Pipe ORB is more than just a functional piece—it's a work of art, designed to elevate the aesthetics and well-being of your aquarium. Specifically tailored for open aquariums, its unique orb-shaped outflow mimics the tranquility of spring water, setting a serene backdrop for your aquascape.

    With a focus on creating a gentle yet efficient current, this filter outflow ensures a strong surface movement. Such a flow encourages better oxygen exchange, enhancing the overall health and vitality of your aquatic environment. The slow, deliberate current also ensures that even the most delicate aquatic plants and creatures remain undisturbed.

    Its high-quality glass construction promises not only durability but also a crystal-clear appearance, blending seamlessly into the aquatic canvas. The Stream Pipe ORB’s design, devoid of intrusive components, further adds to its elegant charm.

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