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DOOA Mistflow (C plug)

DOOA Mistflow (C plug)

SKU: 152-503

Introducing the DOOA MISTFLOW – an embodiment of modern innovation and nature's charm. This ultrasonic fog generator has been meticulously designed for the DOOA System TERRA 30, encapsulating the essence of a cloud forest in your living space. Through its ethereal mist, it not only nurtures your precious mosses and aquatic plants but also transforms your aqua terrarium into a breathtaking canvas of nature's beauty.

  • Unveiling the MISTFLOW, a marvel by DOOA that brings the surreal beauty of nature's foggy landscapes right to your home. Specifically designed for the TERRA 30 system, this product uses ultrasonic technology to produce a superfine mist. As it cascades down the TERRA 30, it provides the essential humidity for mosses and aquatic plants on the Wabi-Kusa mats, ensuring they flourish in their prime. The effect is more than just functional; it's visually mesmerizing, elevating the aesthetic of your layout to mimic the ethereal charm of a fog-draped wilderness.

    For those who want to further refine their MISTFLOW experience, a dedicated glass cover is available separately. This accessory ensures an even airflow over the wall section, maximizing the unit's efficiency and aesthetic impact.

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