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Cube Cabinet Clear

Cube Cabinet Clear

SKU: 108-616

Introducing the Cube Cabinet Clear, a minimalist yet sturdy aquarium cabinet crafted from transparent glass. Designed to harmonize seamlessly with the Cube Garden and AQUASKY, it embodies a refined, contemporary approach to aquarium presentation.

  • The beauty of nature deserves a platform that enhances its splendor without overshadowing it. The Cube Cabinet Clear provides just that. Made of pristine clear glass, its design aligns flawlessly with the Cube Garden, ensuring an uninterrupted view into the serene world you've crafted within.

    While the cabinet's design might speak to simplicity, its functionality stands out. Especially when paired with the AQUASKY, it becomes more than just a cabinet; it's a holistic experience, bringing the entire aquarium setup to life. Whether you're showcasing vibrant aquatic plants, fishes, or a serene underwater scene, this cabinet ensures they're the star of the show.

    For those with a 60cm aquarium tank, we offer complete stand sets, integrating the Light  Stand and the optional Woodbase Board to provide a comprehensive solution tailored to your lighting system.

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