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ADA & DOOA: Understanding the Brands

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

In the vast universe of aquascaping, two names stand out distinctly: ADA and DOOA. Both are legacies of the iconic Takashi Amano, but they serve different purposes and visions within the realm of aquatic design. Let's dive into the world of these two brands, exploring their histories, product lines, and the unique philosophies that set them apart.

Aqua Design Amano (ADA)

History & Vision: Founded by Takashi Amano in 1982, ADA stemmed from Amano’s desire to promote, enjoy, and recreate nature within personal spaces. ADA represents the pinnacle of aquarium product design and quality, aiming to bring the serene tranquility of natural landscapes into home and public aquariums.

Product Line: ADA's product range encompasses everything an enthusiast could need. From their premium Nature Aquarium Goods to their substrate systems, lights, and CO2 equipment, ADA promises the highest quality in every piece. Each product is a blend of cutting-edge technology and Amano’s philosophy of "learning from nature."

Philosophy: At its core, ADA believes in harnessing the raw beauty of nature. The brand emphasizes the creation of aquatic layouts that are not just beautiful to look at but are also a harmonious ecosystem where flora and fauna can thrive in balance.


History & Vision: DOOA is a relatively newer brand, envisioned as an offshoot of ADA, specifically tailored for urban living spaces. Recognizing the increasing compactness of modern homes, DOOA aims to introduce the world of aquatic design in a way that’s both minimalistic and elegant.

Product Line: DOOA’s lineup is characterized by sleek designs perfect for small spaces. From the uniquely designed Wabi-Kusa Wall to compact System Terrariums and System Paluda setups, DOOA brings the same level of ADA quality to a more modern aesthetic. While ADA focuses on grand aquariums, DOOA offers products for those seeking to introduce a touch of nature into tighter spaces.

Philosophy: DOOA believes in accessibility. Everyone, regardless of their living situation, should be able to experience the joys of aquatic design. Keeping this in mind, DOOA products are crafted to be space-efficient, offering solace and a connection to nature, even in the busiest urban environments.


While ADA and DOOA share a lineage and foundational respect for nature, they cater to different needs and aesthetics within the aquascaping community. ADA offers the classic experience of building grand nature-inspired ecosystems, while DOOA answers the call of the urban dweller seeking a touch of nature in their living spaces.

No matter your choice, both brands promise a commitment to quality, innovation, and the timeless philosophy of embracing and learning from the natural world.

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